Welcome to this website!

My Name is Kai Borchert.

I’m an 19 years old computer scientist who lives in the surroundings of Berlin.

I’ve been working with computers since I was five years old. Started with Windows 95, I’ve been able to acquire extensive knowledge of hardware and software over the years. This ranges from simple administration and configuration of a system to diagnostics on a hardware and software basis.

In my free time I also deal with other hobbies, such as creating music and graphic design.

At the moment I’m still attending the 13th grade of a comprehensive school. After graduating from high school, I’m aiming to study in the field of computer science.

If you would like to contact me, you can do that either through my social media channels, which are linked in the header and the footer of this page, or through the email address provided in the imprint.

Yours faithfully
Kai Borchert