What’s the purpose of this tool?

ELEV8 itself is a small program (~200 KB only) with the ability to (de-)activate the hidden administrator account of your Microsoft Windows installation with ease. It’s no longer necessary to memorize complicated shell commands and perform several restarts. This saves a lot of time, especially for experienced administrators and repair shops.

Which operating systems are supported?

The official support is limited to Microsoft Windows NT 5.x (Microsoft Windows XP) and higher. Excluded are the respective server versions.

What’s the current development status?

Currently the tool is still in the alpha state. We are working hard to remove the existing bugs and provide a stable release. We recently received some feedback from our partners about occasional problems with individual systems that need to be fixed.

Planned licensing

The project has no major commercial purpose. In the case of a paid release, the price for a license will therefore be limited to only a few bucks and serves as a donation to support the further development. For the evaluation of the software, time limited versions are also possible.

With the purchase of a license you receive your personal license file, as well as login credentials to the „member area“, where you can obtain the latest version of the application and the boot disk image.

What are the requirements?

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 or higher (preinstalled on the offered disk image)
  • compatible hardware (boot image is based on Windows 10 PE)
  • an empty medium (cd-rom or pen drive) with at least 750 MB free space
  • a valid license file