Back to the game development’s origin

FleetBattle is the digital equivalent of the well-known guessing game “Battleships”, which I’ve created as part of an IT project in the 12th grade of high school. It was written completely in Java and contains around 1500 lines of raw code (without cleanup and comments). As I’m a huge fan of command line applications, the chosen display form is not only the result of a low development status, but a specifically chosen design. Due to a lack of time I was not able to develop a suitable socket system for a server-side multiplayer. Currently, the game works with so-called state files, so that games are possible on a local system or via corresponding exchange folders.

Project future

Currently I am still undecided about the future of the project, as the development of games is not one of my main interests. Possibly an updated version with a reasonable server-client connection or the source code will be published on this page in the near future.